InterNACHI releases Residential Code Inspection Exam Prep Flash Cards.

Nearly 200 Questions and Answers.

Residential Code Inspection Exam Prep Flash Cards.

We’re working on commercial inspection ones. The commercial inspection decks should be ready in a couple weeks.

I think these are very cool idea.


This is a “Good Idea” but… I already see a major mistake. I hope that you did not print out too many copies.

Frank, the question on one side of the card has the answer on the other side. The answer on the cards is the answer to the question on the back, upside down.

They are like that so that you don’t see the answer unless you flip the card over.

Hi Nick,
The “problem” has nothing to do with the “specific code”, such as spacing, diameters, notches, square footage, nail spacing, electrical wiring, etc.
It has nothing to do with the composition of the “answer”.

I have seen many a “builder” and inspector who knew every construction detail down to the smallest nuance fail the ICC test not because they did not know “the code” but because DURING THE TEST they could not find the correct chapter, paragraph and or page where the code was located.

  • I suggest that you look at the ICC “flash cards”.

You will see that they not only asked the question and then gave you the answer but more importantly they also tell you where to find the code.

The bottom line is you can have the code memorized but if you can’t locate it and quote “chapter, verse and paragraph” during the test you will not pass.

I hope this helps…:nachi: