InterNACHI releases Thermography Addendum to Inspection Contract. Free.

Shamless indeed!! It’s also against the law and considered unethical. You may consider yourself “beyond reproach” when it comes to etical standards, but you are NOT above the law.

You have infringed on my intelectual property. The damage has already been done, regardless of whether you remove the text or not.


Again, I will ask that you immediately remove from the “Thermography Addendum to Inspection Contract” all text that is copy written by Kevin A. Richardson, of Richardson Home Inspectons, LLC and Kevin O’Hornett of Prospex, Inc.


Kevin A. Richardson
Richardson Home Inspections, LLC

I new a man who had such a hard time sharing anything that George Washington squint his eyes when he opened his your wallet …:slight_smile:


I’m just curious,when you shared this document with Nick what exactly were your intentions?

----- Original Message -----
From: Kevin A. Richardson
To: ‘nick gromicko’
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 6:12 PM
Subject: RE: Nick

Here you go.


Ps. Please do not reproduce or publicly post documents without written permission of Richardson Home Inspections.

From: nick gromicko []
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 2:10 PM
Subject: Nick

Can we review your IR agreements please?

Nick Gromicko
Founder, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
Founder, Master Inspector Certification Board,
Executive Director, International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants,

Frankly, John I don’t think this concerns you. And for the record, I have freely given my time to members who call me or PM me on a regular basis. I have given documents and marketing materials to members without hesitation.

Your out of line, and you should mind your own business.


Nick probably made the mistake of thinking you were part of the team and you would not mind sharing a few lines of text, as long as the review process was kept private to a few members only inspectors. He will not that mistake again, I assure you.


The e-mail is self explanatory, but could Nick or anyone in the office have misunderstood your copyrighted document or the reason you e-mailed it ?
In any event IMO both of you are grown men and this could have been handled more discreetly between you and Nick.

I think it’s pretty cut and dry, Mario.

I tried to handle it dircreetly through an email exchange last night. Nothing happened.

I seem to recall another situation on the this BB about copyright infringement a while back. Noboby was givng Mr. Swift any flack for posting it on the board. Is there a double standard here.

I’ll have to look for the thread.


I remember the thread about Keith. That was completely different,it involved a non member (vendor) and Keith. We are talking about our founder here brother.

I’m not giving you flack Kevin (and please don’t take these comments as such), I’m just trying to understand the situation.

Can we at least move this discussion to the Canadian members section?

I don’t see any difference! Copyright infringement is copyright infringement.

Exactly my point!!! Should he be held do a different standard just because he is the founder of InterNachi? Does being the founder give him the right to copy original work and use as he pleases.

Maybe it’s a matter of principle more than anything else, but I for one don’t feel like rolling over and “taking one for the team.”



And nobody is asking you to.

The damage is done according to you correct? Can money fix this situation? or are you adamant that Nick remove this document entirely? I ask for selfish reasons, I like you agreement and I was going to use it. I guess now I can’t.

Nick is going to do whatever Nick wants to do! Besides, he has 2 attorneys, 2 IR trainers, 1 IR camera company exec, and the folks on this message board all working on it and tweaking it.

So, I’m sure the final product will be great, heh!

Time to put my kids in bed…I think I’m going to give the BB a break for a while. It’s consuming way to much of my time. Time I could be spending with my kids and focusing on my business for 2008.

Take Care,


You both seem to be very savvy business men and I hope to keep on learning from you guys. I do hope this gets resolved soon.

Don’t think I like having two of the better guys go at it, (unless of course it’s Smackdown or Raw) which this ain’t.:twisted:

Man, it must have been a pain in the butt 200 years ago and have a disagreement with another guy. All that runnin’ 'round to hand each other nasty guy letters back and forth, geesh.:shock:


I think I would add something like this to my existing agreement which already covers just about every other thing in the agreement Kevin posted or Nick posted and forget about all the hoop-La.

Client Name:______________________________requests and authorizes Inspect Arizona Companies, Inc. to perform a thermal imaging scan on the structure at _____________________for the following purposes: ___________________________________ The fee for this additional service will be $, which is due at the time of the inspection. This scan is what appears at the time of this inspection and not tomorrow.
Sign Here:_______________Date:

I posted a request for help with a thermal imaging agreement and you said to email you, I did and you sent me every agreement you use with no indication that I could not use it because you owned the copyright on it. I’m confused at this point because I looked at the agreements and thought I was free to use the verbiage as I saw fit, if you feel that I should not I certainly won’t but it will be a misunderstanding on my part.

Lastly, I doubt very much that Nick or anyone else here at INTERNACHI meant any malice toward you as we frequently share documents and information here.

Kevin has devoted a great deal of his own time helping other members with IR related propoganda. :smiley: Lot’s of time. Thank you Kevin.


I think you’re missing Kevin’s point. Nick implied that if will benefit NACHI nothing else matters. Sharing is not the issue here.

OK… make a big deal about some tiny agreement text if you want to. It’s nothing compared to all the HUGE content and FREE education that lots of inspectors give to their fellow InterNACHI members all the time.

My God… George Wells is giving a FREE detailed and live online electrical course to over 600 inspectors as we speak, spread out over several weeks… totally free to all InterNACHI members.

And then I’m suppose to feel sorry for somebody sending Nick a tiny bit of text so he could get some ideas for an IR agreement, and then starts bitching when Nick actually uses it, like they talked about.

It’s beyond me… so don’t talk to me about it.

Oh Kevin, don’t go chick on us.

First of all, if you have a clause that I think might save an InterNACHI’s as$ some day… am I supposed to pretend I didn’t read it and then not use it just to protect your feelings at the price of leaving members unprotected? Please.

Furthermore, we in no way violated any copyright you claim. We are creating our form, using our own experience, experts, attorneys, and a number of different sources, by making significant additions and changes to the document you provided. We could have just as easily used one of the other 3 docs we had as a starting place. A few more tweaks by Tuesday and it should be pretty solid. Your’s was a mess, ask any attorney or if you want, I can point out some of the major weaknesses in your doc.

Besides, alleged similarities isn’t the point. Helping InterNACHI members is. Read the COE you agreed to abide by.

And futhermore, copyright protection is limited to “original works of authorship.” There is a reason I recognized some of the language, I wrote it a while back. This makes me question whether the rest of your doc is “original” at all since it contains some wording that I authored in the past.

And finally, your doc contains legal terms and disclaimers used by millions of attorneys every day. You can no more copyright a disclaimer of liability than you can copyright “In Case of Fire, Break Glass” or “Unauthorized Vehicles Will Be Towed” because these are in the public domain.

I’m also spending too much time on this post.

P.S. I apologize to all chicks for the sexist line “don’t go chick on us” that I used in post #39 above. I simply couldn’t come up with my own original line that worked any better than that one to describe what I was trying to say.

P.S.S. I also apologize to the orginal author of the line “don’t go chick on us” for using his/her copyrighted material. :wink: