InterNACHI School

Recently I had the privilege of taking a couple of classes at InterNACHI school in Boulder, Colorado. Not only were the instructors outstanding, but meeting my classmates and having the opportunity to meet the good folks at InterNACHI was a real treat.
I would recommend that all InterNACHI members look for an opportunity to take a class at the InterNACHI school. Not only were there 16 CEU’s offered, but the hands on classroom experience was great. The “House of Horrors” and the displays are great educational tools. Obviously a great deal of work has gone into them.

Thanks to Nick and Ben, but especially to our excellent instructors Ron Huffman and Steve Quinlan.

Here Here I second that, If you are in this business for the long haul you owe it to your self to visit Boulder and the screwed up House. :smiley:

I’m with you Charley. You’ve even motivated me to climb a few roofs.