InterNACHI smacks HomeSafe, Seddon with Federal Racketeering Lawsuit.

Good job guys!

So, how exactly did you accomplish this on a Sunday? (April 30, 2017).

We work 365 days a year.

The Federal Court system and the USPS does not. Your work schedule is irrelevent. If you were trying to beat the end of the month cutoff, you should have planned ahead.

Sorry, but most law firms use email and electronic filing now. Available 24/7/365. The days of standing in line at the Court Clerk’s office are few and far between.

Nice to see someone did something about this. I brought this up about 3 years back when you were making statements that their patents were valid.

Either way, at least someone did something…

Thanks for the info. I am virtually never involved with any court system, and never with the Feds, thus I have no reason for knowing.

What would the “end of the month” have to do with anything? The internet is open 24/7 last time I checked.

InterNACHI has successfully kept all InterNACHI members safe from legal action from HomeSafe since they tried to sue our first member years ago.

ASHI, the do-nothing org, is still working on putting together some kind of “task force.”

Perhaps it would be best to have knowledge of the subject, (some sort of qualification would be preferred) before criticizing the actions of someone else with more knowledge of the subject. Careful thought put into phraseology can go a long way. Just a thought.

Nick, would this be a criminal charge? if so do you have any idea if the Feds are going to charge him with this?



Yes. I suspect the FBI will be showing up at his door once we expose the entire scam.

I must have missed the Logo on your website! ](*,)

Nice !!! He is making a great example of why NOT to fu.,.k with InterNachi …

Thanks Nick


Good Job Nick,


Any update on this RICO suit? Surely it wasn’t dismissed was it? Not enough info from this court update to tell for sure.