InterNACHI sponsoring 3 Days of Secrets Revealed in Dallas on Feb 20-23, 2017.

If you want to attend for free, say so on this thread and I’ll make it happen.

Considering the whole thing is a big advertisement it should be free!
And with airfare and lodging included!

Nick - sign me up please! Always can use more gold nuggets!

Signed up.

Indeed. Any 3 day infomercial should be.

Free. But if you want more info, you’ll need to level up for just a small fee…

And once you level up, for just a little more $, you can get to the next level.

But if you really, really want to know the good stuff, that will be just a small additional fee on top of the previous fees.

To Open The Vault of Secrets you have to pony up the big bucks!
And there isn’t a damn “secret” in there that you can’t get from just reading the INachi message boards.

Please sign me up
Ryan Powell
TREC 21952

Signed up.

Please sign me up.
Darrell Foreman
TREC 21981

Signed up.

Oh bother, tried to plan ahead & paid $197 two months ago. What a great offer. Thanks for being a sponser & such a great organization. I love InterNACHI!

Funny, I spent a number of years on this MB, and never got anything close to what I have received from this community.

Before I joined I did 60k back in 2012. Did over a half million in 2016 and will come very close if not over a million this year.

InterNACHI is amazing, but this MB, does not provide anything like this community.

But keep believing what you believe :wink:

MIC is more of an inspirational community. Don’t go there expecting to get access to developed marketing programs like InterNACHI offers. Go there expecting to get encouragement. And everyone needs encouragement.

Well said thanks Nick! I was a dream team member for about 6 months and it really helped jump start my business.

It’s fun too. I think Mike gets a bad rap sometimes because inspectors go there expecting to find stuff similar to what InterNACHI does.

If you are attending because you want stuff like the free continuing education for real estate agents or or The We’ll Buy Your Home Back Guarantee or the Automated Assistant buttons or website lead generators, you’re coming for the wrong reasons. That “InterNACHI-type Stuff” is not what happens there.

For example, this year we have a world series champion catcher Jim Sundberg and Lou Farrigno (The Hulk) speaking. Obviously, these two guys know nothing about home inspections. But they are awesome motivational speakers. Last year, we sponsored Joe Theismann. He was fantastic. And you get to hang out with many fellow successful inspectors all in one big room. We all share our ideas.