InterNACHI staffers busy working for members. Click link... but prepare to scroll.

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Many thanks to our in-house staff: Kenton (researcher/green building director), Jesse (member marketing director), Levi (logos), Akiko (Inspectors Quarterly), Gee (Spanish translation), Kevin (InspectorPages), Lisa E (communications director), Lisa V (architect / graphics Library), Chloe (office), Erika (video editor), Paige (databases/taxes/video), Ben (education director), Kate (editor), Wendy (architect), Dayna (legal/tradeshows), Mack (corporate relations), Ron (P.E.), Rob (researcher/author), Alyse (French translation), Tim (IT), Chris (IT director), Beccah (ID cards/verification), Griffin (shipping),… and others.

Outstanding, guys and ladies. Thanks.