InterNACHI student

Forrest, something to consider: Maybe shop around for a job with an established inspection company. You may not make as much per inspection as you would working for yourself but you will work more and get more experience and have a steady paycheck. Once you get some experience, go out on your own. You might have to sign a non compete contract which you should read over very carefully if you do want to go out on your own. Most new inspectors have no idea how difficult it is to start a business and be successful. Most have no experience as a business owner, marketer, salesman etc. Learning to be a great inspector is great but more time will be spent learning to start a business and being successful at it.


Hey Forrest!
I was in the same situation you are, with “ride-alongs” being a requirement for my state licensing. After searching for an inspector who might be willing to assist, I was surprised at how many viewed emerging inspectors as a threat to business, not wanting to share their knowledge/experience. I guess I was naive- I thought more would help to insure integrity within the profession, but it seems more like a turf war. I’ve since found someone who’s actually excited to help- who has great experience and certifications, loves the profession, and willing to help others find that same enjoyment.

I hope you find someone willing, and have success in your new future!


That’s the person you want to learn from.

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I suggest searching through the internachi members in your area. Thats what I did. I was lucky enough to find someone who let me do my 25 ridealongs with them for free. His attitude was, if you’re good you don’t have to worry about training the competition. Search your area and make some calls.


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