InterNACHI sues ASHI's Executive Director Frank Lesh for lying about our members.

You can certainly make “certify” mean what you want to on your own message board, Nick. Hopefully, your case will be tried in the International Court of Hyperbole where your definitions of “certify” and “damage” can prevail.

Personally, I don’t think Mr. Lesh has anything to fear, beyond his trial by NACHI message board. Should you really proceed with this, his business general liability policy (and, possibly, his homeowner’s policy) will cover his legal fees for this type of a lawsuit and what his attorneys will be able to demand from you in the way of coveted business and personal information through the discovery process will likely provide you with the incentive to settle before he does.

Good luck. :wink:

That is exactly what I said. You can only certify that a person is a member of your association and that they, or someone with access to their computer, took your online courses and, as Mr. Lesh has pointed out, you don’t do that for free.

Wrong. He said the reverse. He said that we do nothing other than charge a fee.

So I wonder if that means that Nick can certify that when Mr. Lesh made / wrote his statement, he meant NACHI even though he never mentioned the association by name. Certified Mind Reader… You wouldn’t want me on the jury. :roll:

Where did he mention NACHI? It isn’t anywhere to be found.

If the association and it’s members have been damaged,
can I be the first member of the amended Class Action motion?
There’s thousands of us. :mrgreen:

That would be a sweet NACHI benefit!

The legal standard it needs to meet to be libel doesn’t require the libeled party to be mentioned by exact name. The standard it needs to meet is would anyone believe it to be referring to InterNACHI. We already have dozens of statements from inspectors, including ASHI members, who all believe the statement is referring to InterNACHI. Furthermore, if the “organization” he mentioned isn’t referring to InterNACHI, he should be able to reveal under oath what “organization” he was referring to and why it couldn’t possibly be confused with InterNACHI.

If I only have one neighbor on my street and I post a big sign that says my neighbor raped my dog, everyone in town knows who I’m talking about.

Stephen, here is a better explanation of why this Lesh guy doesn’t get a free pass or “Get out of jail free” card by simply not referring to InterNACHI by name:

True, for home inspection associations. All that any home inspector association can “certify” is a member’s good standing. Whether that member is able to point the correct end of the flashlight toward the house has never been evaluated by anyone providing such “certifications”.

It is all designed for marketing purposes, only, and offers very little (if any) assurance to a home buyer as to the competence of their home inspector. That part is up the individual inspector and, hopefully, he will have considerably more to present than simply the “certification” of his membership when asked by a “skeptical husband”.

There are entities that provide certifications only for persons who have demonstrated competency, however (field examinations, mandatory internships, controlled testing, etc.). They are not “membership” oriented, though. They exist only for the purpose of providing their certifications. I am not aware of any such entities for home inspectors, however. Licensing has always been the poorer substitute.

Stephen, do my posts #28 and #29 help explain?

I personally think its ludicrous for any group to try and state that ONLY their members are qualified to inspect @#%&*%! BECAUSE as we all know, every group has super inspectors AND every group has inspectors you hope will go sell used snake oil and get out of our profession because they’re that bad.

As an example …Jim is quite familiar with the way the St Louis Realtors and some inspectors try to convince everyone that NOBODY but the “A” group is qualified to inspect a home … been going on for 20+ yrs.

Wichita Kansas is trying to copy that.

IMHO those would be worthy lawsuits

ASHI’s Executive Director didn’t just cause himself to get sued. We are catching ASHI members who are repeating the lies that Frank Lesh mailed to them. Repeating a lie is not a defense. So each of those are going to be new libel lawsuits. Frank Lesh could end up bankrupting his own members, personally. Unless of course he plans on paying for all their defense costs and judgments.

There is nothing you can say that would change my mind that this is nothing more than another frivolous suit and part of the “mine is bigger than yours” juvenile tantrum that has been going on for years. Until you finally have the balls to actually see one of these suits through to judgement, it means nothing.

You’ve convinced me. No more quiet settlements like we received dozens of times in the past. Would a public settlement showing how much the defendant paid us suffice in place of a judgement?

Based on the puffery you use when announcing these various suits, settlement means little. While I may not show it overtly, I got very tired defending you and NACHI as a legitimate organization when dealing with other inspectors that have no respect for either. For once I would like to see exactly what you announce. I want to see the deed on their home signed over to NACHI. I want to see them pay tens of thousands of dollars and make a public apology. Behind the door settlements do little for the member trying to defend their own “certification” and the organization they willingly hand over hundreds of dollars per year to for membership. JMHO.

I agree. Thanks for encouraging us to put an end to our merciful past.

Its been a year now that I have been retired. I still get dozens of phone calls from REA’s wanting me to do home inspections, because these REA’s cannot find a good inspector, even though these new “inspectors” tell them that they are “certified” to do so. There is a huge difference in being competent, and certified.

Any lawsuit will not help any party. It only promotes lack of professionalism. This is the reason that over 95% of lawsuits never go to court. Follow the money. Politics are alive and well in every profession. Marketing and promotions of why NACHI is better than ASHI is better than the bragging rights of any lawsuit settlement.

Until REA’s are taught to hire the best, most competent inspector for their client, ASHI will always be around. All you have to do is compare the definition of “representitive number” in the SOP’s between the associations.

Any licensing is a basic, minimalist standard, wether it is driver’s license, fishing license, hair dresser license, or a home inspector license. Until the upper REA professional management makes the change, basic ASHI and cheap HI’s will abound. I may come out of retirement because of the demand of my services, and the pending lawsuits of several new, incompetent inspectors around KC.

Gary, come out of retirement please. Take the gravy jobs. That would be my advice. I do that in another business that I don’t want to work full time. I take the high-margin “gravy” jobs… otherwise, I’m retired.

IMO. It’s intended to cripple financially. NACHI has on-staff counsel, the individuals being sued do not and have to hire counsel. A long, drawn-out suit achieves the goal of financially crippling the victim, regardless of the ultimate disposition of the case. I think it’s a bullying tactic to intended bankrupt other organizations and individuals. “Winning” in this game doesn’t require prevailing on the merits of the case or the findings of a judge or jury.