InterNACHI sues home inspector Chris Green of Cincinnati, Ohio.

InterNACHI sues Chris Green of Cincinnati, Ohio - InterNACHI

That’s gonna leave a mark.

I don’t know why some home inspectors feel it necessary to make negative comments about their competitors. If the quote in the article is accurate, he made a false representation and expressed it as fact vs opinion. Seems like a really dumb thing to do to me.

A lesson for other, regardless of affiliation.

It would appear that the party who prepared your petition … particularly General Allegation 25 … may have inadvertently negated the point in General Allegation 21.:wink:

You can’t lie to reporters to harm your local competitors. He should have told the truth: Does ASHI have entrance requirements? Apply online - general information | American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI . And full ASHI membership is only based on the passing of one “minimum-standard” (EBPHI adjective, not mine) exam used by many states to license newbies fresh out of school.

He should have also noted that people who merely join InterNACHI aren’t listed anywhere, even though they passed our entrance exam. Conversely, ASHI promotes their associates publicly on the ASHI Find an Inspector website.

I wasn’t challenging your intent. Wouldn’t it have been more convincing to prove the high professional standards of NACHI to a court by NOT screwing up the petition (look closely, again, at #25) that delineates them? You told the judge you had “six requirements” but could only come up with three?:wink:

The filing isn’t where you have to prove anything yet. This will be a 2 years battle with plenty of time to provide and discover evidence. It’s also going to be a jury trial. We have three separate law firms who will be working on it from here on out.

  1. Defendant Green, as indicated on his website, is a member of a competing trade association to that of Plaintiff InterNACHI – American Society of Home Inspectors (“ASHI”). In fact, Plaintiff Green is the current President of Ohio’s ASHI chapter.

Well that’s screwed up. Nice flattering picture of him ya got there.

He looks mad … Can we get one of them Neat Badges like he has

ASHI should defend him.

If we had one-o-them “steenkin batges”, we could arrest the defects when we do inspections.

I’m thinking maybe they use them to wrangle discounts when they stop for lunch.

I suspect that is part of your plan…

James Bushart, our Ohio law firm agrees with you and edited the claim. Nice work sir.

Glad to help.

UPDATE May 10, 2018: This case has been settled for an undisclosed amount. As part of the settlement, Mr. Green signed a letter of apology.

Congratulations on a great case and winning. Will the apology letter be published in the Cincinnati paper?