InterNACHI sues HomeSafe and Kevin Seddon over infrared patent claims.

Not answering for Chuck, but I think many got upset because we felt that Nick gave homesafe money in an effort to protect us, while providing them funds to sue other inspectors that were not members.

It is only now after the hand that feeds has been bitten so to speak, that the suit is happening.
All I saw was money being given to them for patent rights and ashi paying them off for another suit settlement.

I think many would have hoped the inspection community would have came together to begin with and worked together to eliminate this issue.
That didn’t happen.

As usual your professionalism shines through.
As usual your replies are accurate and dignified.
I remember what transpired, so I thought it befitting Chuck apologize to Nick.
Mr.Twitt might just learn something useful by following your lead during threads instead of disparaging comments at will.
Recommend: Thomas; be civil towards colleagues on topics that you might not be all caught up on.

It matters not if some agree where others not during legal issues that address this grand association.
What matters most, TRUST!
Nick steers the ship for the good of the association and the industry.
I am quite certain his hand picked legal advisers, each with their own strengths, advise well.

Best regards as always Sean.

I concur, “unfortunately the inspection community did not come together.”
Flir, Fluke and other manufactures are as much to blame I feel.

Personally, I was not worried.
Remember, Nick told everyone, “he will hold the association harmless.”
That is his main duty remember.

And if you think logically, many associations would love to see NACHI fail.
So it all makes perfect sense when you trust Nick to do the right thing.
He proves everyone wrong and helps the industry while doing so.

I left interNACHI because Nick got into bed with the patent trolls and threatened to use his association with them to harm home inspectors who were not members. I found that the ethics being expressed were incompatible with my values. I still feel the same about that action and Nick’s statements at the time. His expressed intent was not just to defend members but to use it in a predatory manner toward non-members. Fortunately he did not follow through with it, but he did endorse and publicly support the validity of the patent troll patents and claims of relevance at the time, even stating so in a press release. That was harmful to the industry.

Nick is doing now what should have been done two years ago when the first member was threatened with a lawsuit. What I urged him to do at the time.

I do not apologize for being true to my ethics.

BTW: you still don’t see me listed as a member do you?

I agreed with your stance, Chuck…glad you are back too.

You are mistaken as I see it.

I am also surprised! You being from a military background.

Sun Tzu , “***Keep your friends close to you and your enemy’s closer.***”
If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles.

As a member of this grand association, we TRUST the leader.
We do not invent or make up what has not arrived.
If you tell others what you are thinking, that is betrail.
When you act upon your suspicions, that is called mutiny.

Nick said. he will keep the association members “held harmless.”
Has he?

What did ASHI do?

At least be realistic.
Nick deserves an apology.

Mr. Toye,
I tried to reason with Chuck several times on the MB.
I guess he forgot.

Nick explained everything.
Good enough for me.

I also agree he has made the right decision.
I too am happy he is back as well.

Openly Voicing an opinion like that in front of others in the army, and about a commanding officer would be thought of as tension, or am I mistaken.

Best regards.

I expected no less.

You have voiced your negative opinions about the association and Nick Gromicko enough times.
Everyone is well aware where you stand.

:(Too bad the ESOP committee are so divided about loyal members such as yourself.

Stalking again?
Too bad members like yourself are not removed.

Someone’s got to keep the Sheeple in line!

Chuck, you don’t know what you are talking about. I explained that you can’t sue someone because they might one day sue someone. A bug has to be drawn out from under the rock to kill it.

As for non-members… if the best way to protect members is to protect all inspectors including non-members, I’ll do that. If the best way to protect members is to allow non-members to be harmed, I’ll do that. I don’t care what happens to non-members and feel no duty to them.

I don’t understand the concern for non-members. I doubt ASHI cares about us.

Nick wants non-members to join NACHI.

I want the non-members to join Nachi too! The more money Nachi makes, the better it is for everyone.

The concern has never been about non members, it’s never been about NACHI and it’s never been about ASHI, but about the industry as a whole, ALL OF US.

Inspectors, or anyone else for that matter, should’t have to join a particular club to be “exempt” from the lawsuits of patent trolls.

How would you feel if ASHI got in bed with a company that patent the use of a flashlight and only their members were safe from the patent troll coming after them? Think about it.

Most here know Nicks action is a reaction.

Like I said in an earlier post.

Better late than never. And if Nick say’s this is what it took to draw out the bugs, then I hope he gets them all.

No one likes being forced to join InterNACHI, so this isn’t about membership drive. Forcing someone to do something against their will is not my method of operation.

InterNACHI members like InterNACHI. Let’s never do anything to mess that up. We’re a family… a dysfunctional family at times, but a family. Many non-members would never understand that.

And we are going to top the InterNACHI membership at 10,000. That didn’t go very far… :shock: