InterNACHI Super Bowl contest. Win big!
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You are right , thought it was just the product. But at least I was not off a 1000 or 2000 like some. Looking forward to next years super bowl with the Patriots in the game. Tom Brady was injured all season. How can a quarterback be at his best with broken ribs and fingers ?

WOOOO HOOOOO I win I win :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’ll take the Home Inspector Pro. and thank you very much Dom

Nice going Vaughn.:slight_smile:

Good choice. :slight_smile:

very nice!!!

Sweet. Congrats Vaughn.

We have 4 members, each saying that they think they won. All 4 emailed me today. They are:

Vaughn Hill
James Kiser
Bruce Fronduto
and Tim Fry

Who really won?

I won Nick.

Thank you Nick, Paige, Dom, Frea, InspectorOutlet, NACHI.TV, and Everyone else.

Good Job Vaughn! That was a tough game to call.

Who won 1/2-time prizes?

This is the half time winner.

This is the half time winner.

Vaughn, I had 51 and Colts winning at half. I’m I looking at something else?

wow how did i miss that i guess you are the half time winner congrats. I even looked two or three times. :shock:

Congrats to you also, I thought I was going bonkers…

I think they’re going to hook us up with some pretty cool stuff.

Looking forward to it. Grand prize was the Paige Peters Poster I think.

Winner at half-time.
Bruce Fronduto
Colts winning at Half - 51

Winner at end of game.
Vaughn Hill
Saints win with 300 points.

The actual product numbers for the game were:
Half time was 60.
Final score was 527.

The closest at half time were Terry Clayton & James Kiser, both at 70.

The closest to the final score was Anthony Divello at 588.

I missed on both, but my team did win.