InterNACHI Super Bowl contest. Win big!

Who won 1/2-time prizes?

This is the half time winner.

This is the half time winner.

Vaughn, I had 51 and Colts winning at half. I’m I looking at something else?

wow how did i miss that i guess you are the half time winner congrats. I even looked two or three times. :shock:

Congrats to you also, I thought I was going bonkers…

I think they’re going to hook us up with some pretty cool stuff.

Looking forward to it. Grand prize was the Paige Peters Poster I think.

Winner at half-time.
Bruce Fronduto
Colts winning at Half - 51

Winner at end of game.
Vaughn Hill
Saints win with 300 points.

The actual product numbers for the game were:
Half time was 60.
Final score was 527.

The closest at half time were Terry Clayton & James Kiser, both at 70.

The closest to the final score was Anthony Divello at 588.

I missed on both, but my team did win.

The rules of the game called for picking the winning team at half and at the end along with the products.


Bruce Fronduto (POST 27) had the Colts and 51 points. 9 points away. (Kiser had 70 points and was 10 points away.)


Vaughn Hill (POST 41) had the Saints and 300 points. 227 points away.
(Divello did not pick the winning team.)

Congratulation Vaughn! I just emailed you your Home Inspector Pro License :wink:

my e-mail said I was runner-up at halftime, didn’t know if there was going to be more than 1 winner, going by your first post.

So much for being helpful. I’m just glad that Saints won.

Bruce Fronduto, Inspector Outlet shipped you an entire Inspector’s Library today.

Vaughn Hill, Inspector Outlet shipped you an entire Inspector’s Library today.…r-library.aspx

Vaughn, Paige shipped you an autographed NFL football today.

Congrats guys!

Sweet! Thank you so much.

Can’t thank you enough. Colts next year!