InterNACHI teams up with Infraspection to offer advanced IR training.

See more details of the courses offered and how to buy. You get a complete benefit package that is for InterNACHI members only, when you purchase the courses offered via Infraspection/InterNACHI… This even includes Level I, II, III courses.

That’s great. McKenna, you planning on getting your level 1 finally??

I retired from inspections

How are the Level-I, II and III courses being delivered?

See post #2

Just had someone ask about a Level II refresher course from Infraspection, plus a nice FLIR camera (T440bx )… and they get $100 off their iNACHI renewal fee. The iNACHI benefits package is a killer deal.

Total savings = $1900+

Not bad IMHO

See more details of the courses offered and the total benefit package for iNACHI members.

So, John…

You no longer offer your own courses?

My infrared course is still offered, but it is limited to home inspections
at an entry level.

The Infraspection courses are more advanced, for those who want to
take it to a higher level.

Great to knoow

A big thumbs up !!!:cool:

InterNACHI… where all things good happen.

Interesting income potential.