InterNACHI Testing

Maybe a home inspector that is slow would have time to take all the tests, but anyone that is doing over 600 inspections a year has better things to do then take TESTS!

Then why did you become a member?

Lets see! You say you are doing 600/yr

365 Days minus 52 = 313 Inspections
That means you would need to do about 2/day with one day of the week for rest.
At 2.5 Hrs/inspection 5 hrs on sight and paper work you qualify as a full time professional.
What would you be doing on the message board?

600x400= $240.000.00- Government cut you are still sitting with $180.000.00+:shock:

Kevin… you messed up your math! Figure 600 inspections in 300 work days with time off and holidays/birthdays/etc… 2 inspections/day. Can’t calculate $$$ (Floride, home of $99 lowballers).

But yet has no website, and the only internet presence I see is “all” from InterNachi and it’s many inspector directories. (Member since Dec. 2010).

Curious what type of inspections (he’s in Florida) and how he acquires the work. Wind Mits, Draw inspects, etc… don’t count as far as I’m concerned.

Hell of a way to “Win friend’s and influence others” on your first post. :roll::wink:

Sorry Jeffrey:

I forgot to look where he is from. LOL
I just started dreaming of the day I would be this successful.:wink:

Well Guys, this is my first post on this forum… but I really like the kind of money you guys make here!:mrgreen:

I really, really, really hope you didn’t quit your day job!!! :shock::stuck_out_tongue:

No… I’m not a “Newbie”, just new to this forum;)

I see why you’re complaining about test, they don’t require much at the “other” org. you belong to.

600 inspections and still can’t afford to pay for a website.

Nope. Not if he works for a multi-inspector firm. Most of them need to do 600 inspections per year to gross $30K.

Man sure they have one crappy sample report.

True for that area.
I don’t think he is one of those companies according to how much competition in the area he is from.