InterNACHI,The Worlds Greatest and Largest Organization.....

That no one will ever hear about.:frowning:

Not when there are pro ASHI articles like thisfloating around.

Hey Nick…I thought they were against the ropes?

This point makes no sense. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a report with more than 10 photos that’s less than 20 pages:

How long are your reports? A report of more than 20 pages smells of an online boilerplate form with extraneous home advice, Salomon says. An experienced inspector will write a concise report in his own words.

The point of me posting the article is simple.

I was on an inspection today. The agent for the buyer came in towards the end of the inspection. We got to talking a bit and he told me who he recommends regularly. I know the guy and I jokingly said to the agent “He is a big ASHI guy”. The agent agreed and said to me " Do you belong to ASHI?" I said that I wouldn’t since all you need is a pulse and a credit card to belong. He asked what org. I belonged to and I told him InterNACHI. His reply was that he was not familiar with them.

Articles like the one posted above support that. ASHI is always in front of the consumer and the agents.

Typical old style checklist, with hand written narratives, no photos.

Wait until they (agents) take the free Nachi deck course, then they’ll know. :roll: :wink: