InterNACHI Tool Bag

InterNACHI Tool Bag

I just got this bag and it is great. It holds everything and it has plenty of inside and outside pockets.
Everyone needs to get this…

InterNACHI Tool Bag

It has no dividers, guess you just dump everything in there?

Show us what you use everyday.

20+ pockets inside and out.

I use a tool back pack. Has 2 large zippered compartments with many pockets in each. 1 side for hand tools; screw drivers, pliers, wrenches, etc. The other side for meters & electronics. There are also many pockets on the exterior that I make use of also. Switched to it a year or so ago from a tool bag and tool belt, never looked back works great.

Roy, that bag looks nice I think it would work good for bigger items that don’t fit into back pack that I leave in truck. Cordless tools, etc.

This is the one I use I love it, Home Depot Around $50.
Sorry about the size of the pic.
However I also won one of the Internachi Tool Bags at the Christmas Party.
I must say I am very impressed with it and plan on using it also.

It would be nice to see this bag with the tools that an inspector would bring with him to an inspection.

Which bag? The NACHI bag?

Sorry, Roy. Should have been more specific. I would like to see the Nachi bag in action.