InterNACHI Trainers Approved by State of Florida

The State of Florida just listed all of the following individuals as approved trainers in Florida to teach the InterNACHI 120-hour Florida Pre-Licensing course (including online with field training).

Russell Hensel, John Shishilla, Kelly Lashley, Gary Marone, Edward Stoops, Preston Halstead, Ben Gromicko, Robert Irion, Michael Durland, Jack Sheffield, Max Renaud.

Man. Florida has the highest per captia number of inspectors per population. Just what you guys need down there; more inspectors. Perhaps there are too many inspectors, and some are trying to make money off of training more.

From some of the names I see on that list, it seems to me like those guys don’t need the extra money from training others.
However, I do see a few who have been helping out and giving their time and money to better the industry for free for many many years.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Now I at least know why you guys wanted licensing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I should have figured that out a long time ago

It sure beats the hell out of crawling around in attics HUH.

I have considered doing it as well but have chosen not to at this time.

The more the merrier.

Could not ask for better Trainers. Thanks for stepping up

Mike, most people on that list didn’t want licensing…

I will tell you a secret, we have more inspections than most other states, if not all.:cool:

Well at least you are all making the best out of it.
Congrats and have fun.

Mike, One reason we worked toward this was we thought it was important that Inspectors train Inspectors