InterNACHI VEGAS Convention 2010!


I never miss an opportunity to go to Vegas - especially when I can write it off as a business expense. Who cares what you’re teaching. . . :wink:

October is best, during Fall slow down, and it is cooler. Nick, do you do a good Elvis show?

After Labor Day when the kids are back in school and the vacations are over. End of September is still some great weather.

How about a commercial class? I guess Beaumont would have to actually work then.

Either way, let’s get moving so the CEU’s can be approved by all the states without having to rush Lisa to get the info processed in a short time.

ditto ditto, my wife and I where just sayin we are due for another lost wages run…lol…bring it on…please post dates as soon as you know!

I plan on attending if it truly happens, my wife and I had already earmarked the first two weeks in September for a “Western Vacation” - Grand Canyon and Vegas. This would work out perfectly for me. :slight_smile:

All suggestions have been noted! :slight_smile: Dates and further information will be posted as they are known. I am guessing we will have final dates in the next week or two. I know we are all excited for this working vacation… I plan to work really hard and have no fun at all! :wink:

Any updates ???

Not true…

I ws the first to get a 100% according to Joe. It is a very intense course BTW for those of you wondering.

October is a good time - Palace Station or even the El Capitan, Four Queens is a good place. Suggest keep away from the big Hotels,resorts on the strip to keep our costs down.

yeah any updates would be nice have to plan things out, budget cost ect. Thanks

I’m with Jeff on this, I love Vegas!!! I look forward to it!

Weekend of October 31, InterNACHIHOLLOWEEN no dress code…


October would be great.

Holiday 3 day weekends bring a lot of visitors. Also check with the Las Vegas Convention Authority to see if there are even any venues available on Labor Day. The weekend prior to or after could be better.

Just pick a date…so some of us can plan it out…Hotel,air or drive,ect,ect…

Any updates?

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Put me down for it I will be there.

Do we have a date yet??? There is the former ITA convention in Oct. I would much rather do INachi…Whats shakin???