InterNACHI World Tour Omaha, Nebraska

Just got done with the World Tour in Omaha, Nebraska.

Small group of 6 and very informative

I finally got to meet Nick face to face the rumors are true… He Rocks

Thank you Nick and InterNACHI.

Only 6? WOW! I can’t see this ‘Tour’ surviving in the smaller cities with that kind of attendance.

Perhaps Nick needs to get the locations posted sooner than a few days beforehand. I know I am interested to go. My choices are a 300+ mile drive one way, and have already searched for rooms for that night. Guess what? Many of the affordable motels (that I would even consider staying at) are booked for the night with other events in the city. Sorry, but without advance planning, theres no way I can do the trip for a two hour ‘Tour’. In Rural America, I doubt there are many others that can either. This ain’t the ‘Big City’ you know! Not all of us have the luxury of ‘dropping everything’ at the last minute.

Just sayin’.

Cities and dates have been posted for months:

These are serious, advanced, working meetings with one-on-one help (not Ra! Ra! sale events or PowerPoint presentations) and so smaller groups are better.

Seating is very limited.

Yes, they have, but not the specific locations. Example… Chicago is a HUGE city! Where do I stay so I don’t have a three hour commute from my hotel? Even smaller cities have their issues, such as “booked” accomodations… so do I stay 1/2 hr North or South of the city? Without any info, I won’t even bother to make an attempt. Even “within 2 miles of the airport” would give us something to work with.

Example: you don’t even have the info posted yet for your “show” on August 27th. How do you expect to get more than the 6 people that live close in to attend???

I am bringing this all up because I want you to absolutely pack the place, and you should have no problem doing that. Just give us what we need to be there!

I see you just edited your post with new, unknown before now information which is entirely different than what you led us to believe.

This will need further consideration.

What I said previously still stands.

The Cities & Dates page and link has been up since the day we announced the tour.

The schedule was planned long before that as I’m driving 4 of the 5 North American legs of the tour.

Show us… it’s only 11 days away…

Can’t do it. Sorry.

We’ll put up the exact venue (hotel and meeting room) a few days before in case any of our attendees need to refer to it in route. But otherwise, that information is only for registered attendees. It’s not an open-door event that anyone can attend at the last minute and as I explained, seating is very limited.

Try Blue Mound road as I never have issues finding a room even during Summerfest.

So you are saying that if I Registered for the event Today, you would immediately release to me the exact location of the event, today?

Thanks Bob. So you would recommend staying in WI for a Chicago event? That’s a long drive with a belly full of Beefs and Pie! :wink:

No. We wouldn’t.

I hope all of you do not treat your customers like you are treating Nick. Sounds like a cop-out for all of you. I suggest you go to his meeting, learn, wise-up, and be professional.

It is your fault, and your fault only. Thousands of emails have gone out. The announcement is all over this message board. Keep crying. It’s good business for your competitors.

I would love to go to his meeting.

All I am asking for is … “Where is it”?

More than a city and date are required.

What is so hard to understand about that?

Okay, then when (realistically) would you supply the exact location to me/us that have registered?
Lets say the event is October 16th in Chicago.

Around October 10.

Thank you.


You are an idiot. Go back to kindergarten (if you ever left) and reread this entire thread. Butt out.

I knew the location about a week ahead of the date for omaha.
On the day of the meeting I was checking the location while in route to Omaha because I did not know where it was located at (I forgot)

I did not care where in Omaha the event was I just knew I was going to go.