InterNACHI's 2016 Annual Convention is only $160 this year.

How many people normally attends it?

They changed the venue in order to handle a larger crowd. So it is going to be big.

Got my ticket already! Just waiting on a concensous for hotel, not sure where I’m staying, but looking forward to it. Question about the classes, is the Thermography course like the one’s on here for free, or is it closer to the Level I training?

It’s the same basic principles as a Level I course, but tailored for home inspectors.

It’s our first Convention in Texas. I’m guessing 400.

Why hold it in Texas instead of at the House of Horrors?

I’d think an true InterNACHI convention would be better served at the flagship of InterNACHI training.

Agreed, Colorado would be better! :mrgreen: Although October is a good month or so early to cruise down to Copper mountain, there may be closer resorts, dunno

I may still attend the Vegas convention in October, I suppose one could take some CE in their room?

It had to do with our sister organization in Texas… TPREIA. They already had many of their members wanting a Texas convention. TPREIA also found us a venue smack between three large cities: Austin, Houston, and Dallas. And lastly, it wasn’t clear to us until a few days ago that TREC was going to approve our free online courses for CE (they did in fact approve 30 of our courses) and so we needed a plan B just in case, so our members wouldn’t lose their licenses.

Sorry that I’m going to miss it.