InterNACHI's curriculum in Ohio approved by statute

Note the word “Shall.”

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There you go…InterNACHI! :smile:

great new for us in Ohio!

nice work !

Good news!

Thanks Nick!

“(4) Each online continuing education course shall be open to all licensed home inspectors on an equal basis.”

Is InterNACHI going to have “special” electrical courses written specifically for Ohio’s SOP?

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Yes, but only HI’s will be able to remove the dead front. Electricians will be excluded. :joy: :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:


I offered my help to the OHIB on this subject. Home Inspectors do find defects in electrical systems. The problem here is how our laws are written. I can’t inspect every panel in Ohio and have no desire to do so.

I’m just bring this to light. We need common sense laws and TRAINING for a limited electrical inspection. Remember Ohio has no licensed residential electricians. So the only choice is an ESI.

Again, limited electrical inspections should be addressed.

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No, Electricians can remove but not comment. HI can comment if the cover happens to be off or has openings.

Also, building department personnel don’t qualify and can’t get licensed as home inspectors. Imagine that, you can run a building department in a city with 1,000,000 citizens in it but can’t do a home inspection.

Ohio law.

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"F. A licensee shall not make a determination or offer an opinion regarding any of the items found in paragraph(D) of this rule if prohibited by law or regulation. "

Remember two InterNachi and three Ashi members approved these rules.

Waiting for Nick to chime in.

Won’t change the facts. The OHIB does not have the authority to allow HI to perform electrical inspections. Just like the OCILB can’t give electricians permission either.

Only the OBBS!

Butlers can do it in OH if the have the licenses, certifications, etc. :rofl:


So can home inspectors