InterNACHI's Director of Education accepts seat on prestigious government committee.

Congrats Ben!

Wow, very nice Ben. Congrats.


InterNACHI inspectors are always looking ahead.

What’s ahead?

Providing homeowners information about ENERGY, including:

  • increasing their home’s comfort level, and
  • saving energy.

Stay informed.

Glad for you Ben Smooth move … Roy

This is exactly what this industry has needed. I was thinking about putting together an organization to do just what you are talking about. Now you have it taken care of!!!

Consumer education is the single biggest thing the industry as a whole needs.

If you need anything at all from us please let me know, we are game to travel anywhere and do anything.


I would say congrats but Ben you work hard for all you do and get. You get what you deserved and you deserve this. Job well done.

Congratulations Ben, well done. :):smiley:

Congratulations Ben!!!