InterNACHI's Founder quoted in DFW newspaper article regarding home inspections.

Good job, Nick.

There is a loop hole for ya.

If the real estate salesman has no limit to the number of inspectors who can bribe him to be referred to his clients…the Texas Real Estate Commission calls it “advertising”.

I am proud that NACHI’s standards are much higher than TREC’s and that Nick has made that a matter for public record.

TREC might think it’s okay, but NACHI will expel any member found to be on such a list. If you find such a list with a NACHI member’s name on it, send it to a member of the Ethics Committee or to its Chairman, Joe Farsetta.

Proudly proclaim to your prospective clients that, unlike TREC and the less scrupulous national associations, your NACHI membership forbids you from paying bribes to real estate salesmen to appear on their “preferred” lists.

We all need to work to kill home inspector participation in preferred vendor schemes or it will eventually lead to the point where every inspector has to pay (each and every office) to play.

“Most “home inspectors” are unqualified bozos.” :twisted:

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I wonder how much this inspection company pays to be the only one at this Texas RE site?

Maybe the real estate company, that has a fiduciary duty to recommend the best inspectors based solely on merit, placed that inspector’s contact info on their site because they truly recommend him.

Maybe the real estate company said “to hell with our fiduciary duties” and instead is tricking consumers by recommending an inspector only because he pays them each month.

We don’t know why. And that was the point I was trying to make in the interview.


I pay TREC to be on the licensee list. :slight_smile:

Apparently in this companies opinion there is only ONE “best inspector” in the Houston Texas Vicinity. :wink:

Good job.

I am doing my part. I stopped working with Real Estate Offices a long time ago. You will not find me leaving flyers or brochures with them.