InterNACHI's Free AD&D policy

Hello InterNACHI members! I wanted to put a post on here to clarify some confusion in regards to the coverage that Nick has provided for every InterNACHI member. There is a Concierge Service that is available to assist members in various ways. This service is designed to assist members who may encounter a canceled flight, overbooked hotels, e.g. The service will help members find alternative flights, hotels, etc. but will not pay for any additional costs that may be incurred. Instead of an InterNACHI member flipping through a phone book, they can call the toll free number, explain the situation and get help on how to book a new flight, car reservation or find a hotel with available rooms. This service was provided as an enhancement to InterNACHI members in addition to the AD&D benefit that Nick purchased. Please feel free to call / email me with any questions.