InterNACHI's free eNewsletter (posted with permission).

Ian Robertson
6:40 PM (13 minutes ago)

to fastreply

Just FYI, your newsletter that you have set up for us is working. I just picked up a construction verification inspection from an old client because of it. She read in the newsletter that she should have her inspector look at a roof before she has any major work done. The newsletter came the same day that she was having a roofer come over and so she called me.

I thought you might want that info. Thanks Nick, you guys do a great job.

Ian M. Robertson,
Board Certified Master Inspector

Spec-Pro LLC
(518) 542-2523

For those of you not using it, here is some more information about InterNACHI’s free eNewsletter:

Why wouldn’t anyone not be part of InterNACHI? Great job Nick!