InterNACHI's Free Listing Inspections Program: Answers to Frequently-Asked Questions.

I didn’t see mine answered.

  1. Is Porch going to be involved in any way shape or form ? (Now or in the future)

  2. Once we get started on our own, how do you see the realtors reacting to us selling them back the leads we got from their listing?

Just read the informative FAQ’s. I have some agents interested.
My question is (as mentioned before) will the program also accept limited major system inspections?

Most of the agents I have spoken with would rather have this type of limited info available for public download & feel it may scare off potential buyers if it is a full comp with tons of other stuff.
It also will encourage whomever purchased it to call the performing inspector to do a full comp.

Answer is here
HomeGauge Services - Comparing pdf and html reports

Still don’t like the Home Advisor approach to distributing the request InterNachi receives. Do you have an alternate approach?

Kenneth, that page must be 10 years old. InspectorOutlet sells hundreds of thousands of large PDFs and no one ever complains about not being able to open. And other software companies use PDFs and I’ve never heard a complaint about being able to open one. The last time I had an issue opening a large PDF was maybe 15 years ago. And you can put links in a PDF, links to your FB page or links to videos or whatever. PDF is a world standard that everyone uses for everything.

The question about Porch being currently involved is answered in InterNACHI’s Free Listing Inspection Program - InterNACHI . Do a search for Porch on that page. I can’t rule out that they’ll never be involved in the future. Tomorrow they may come out with an offer to pay for pre-listing inspections and ask InterNACHI to administer the offer. We’d certainly consider it. But as of now, no. And that answer is on the FAQ page.

That’s an interesting idea. So I don’t have an answer for you. Certainly has my attention.

I’m quite familiar with Home Advisor. They are our corporate neighbor here in Colorado. Their people have been in my office many times attempting to partner with InterNACHI (we have so far refused). I don’t see how their approach to distributing requests is anything like ours. Exact opposite I would say.

All caught up to this point folks. Excellent questions!

Once the defects are found, the sellers will have to disclose the isses. DId you find in your BETA testing that the sellers were ok with this? IN MArylnad there is a disclose/disclaim in the contract.

Yeah, no problem. Sellers aren’t really trying to hide that which is either going to be discovered anyway, or obvious.

More added to InterNACHI’s Free Listing Inspection Program - InterNACHI

In NY state, buyer inspections are tax exempt. A seller inspection is a taxable service. InterNACHI is a non profit tax exempt entity… You have stated that InterNACHI is my client so therefore this would be a tax exempt transaction?

InterNACHI is tax exempt… you aren’t. You pay taxes on the profits this generates for you.

Obviously. I was referring to sales tax.

Is there an ETA on when this can be started. Just had another agent text me asking me to do it for a seller she has.

You collect sales tax on inspections in NY?

In reference to FAQ #17, considering this is starting as “subsidized”, why would anyone, agent or inspector, want to change that? Once it is free and not coming out of the seller or agent’s pocket, they will want it that way all the time.
I have pushed seller’s inspections since the start and the biggest push back was who was going to pay for it.

You won’t have to worry about that any longer. Every beta test had the agent come back for more, willing to pay for the inspection. That’s how valuable those real estate leads are to real estate agents.

There still seems to be a bit of back and forth on this topic.
Either InterNACHI will be running the program “Perpetually” or they will not. my hang up at this point is which way is it going to be run.

  1. Is InterNACHI planning on funding this program perpetually? or only as a start up in each market?

  2. How will this program generate enough revenue to be funded perpetually if we are giving the leads back to the agent for free?

  3. How will InterNACHI determine to no longer fund the startup?

  4. Once InterNACHI is no longer paying for the inspection then InterNACHI is no longer the client correct?

  5. Will InterNACHI be seeking reimbursement from the Agent or Seller or 3rd Party Vendor to remain the inspectors client?

An inspection for a home buyer, No.

An inspection for the seller of a home, Yes.

Here is a whitepaper with a bit of information:

In my pre-licensing class, it was spelled out to us that if we solely acted on behalf of buyers that it was a nontaxable service. If we did pre-listing inspections of homes for the seller, or home maintenance inspections, it is a taxable service.