InterNACHI's free online WDO course submitted to many Depts of Agriculture...

…for WDO licensing and WDO CE approval.

Did you happen to submit it to Pennsylvania by any chance?

Yes, although PA doesn’t license WDO inspectors.

True…but Licensed Pesticide Control Operators have to complete CE credits though. Most of us here in PA who do WDI inspections are PCO’s.

Cool, you’ll be getting your CEs online for free in 2009.

It’s a great course. Even comes with a fancy certificate. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m getting ready to start the course this weekend myself. Do you feel 100% confident now that you could do termite inspections on your own after taking this course?

The course, printed out, is over 500 pages long BTW.

I’m licensed to inspect termites in Missouri and the state requires 8 hours of CEUs for license renewal. I am qualified to say that this training is more comprehensive than any that has been provided by the University contracted by the state to provide us with our CEUs. This is a very good course.

agreed I started it today, lots of good info

thanks for that endorsement Jim …i guess it is now on my to do list…

Has this course been approved for California? That would be great.

Nick, so this course is free? I can take all the test and become certified Home inspector? This can’t be for real…If so AWESOME! I have been searching for days for a school to get certified. I just ran across this site today and have been reading for hours. It has a lot of good helpful information. Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated. I am in the state of Kansas.

Thank you very much for the compliments, everyone.

It took me an entire month to write the WDO course. It’s the best that I’ve written so far, although the Moisture course is a close 2nd. The most popular (with over 1,100 students attended) is my Plumbing Course by far. The Radon Course is the largest course that I’ve written with over 120,000 words.

Coming soon to InterNACHI: A course on Indoor Air Quality Training and Certification and a course on How to Inspect Manufactured Homes.

Do those two subjects sound good?

Ben, can you help Jody out?

Jody, I’m sorry. This course is not open and free to non-members.

This is HUGE! A really big step for InterNACHI.

I believe that this is the first course to be approved by a Department of Agriculture of any State.

This is a course approved by a State Department that has no regulation over residential/commercial building inspectors.

An InterNACHI online course has bridged over into getting approval from a State Department having nothing to do with home inspections.

That’s big.

I expect to see Certified WDO professionals joining InterNACHI.

I have read some of this course Ben and have to agree with James. What I have seen of this course is excellent.

What about Florida???