InterNACHI's free online WDO course submitted to many Depts of Agriculture...

What? Florida doesn’t have termites…:slight_smile:

Florida requires that you work for a licnesed CPO in order to conduct a termite inspection. Anything else will get you a hefty fine and maybe more.

Well what about the volunteer state Of TN

CPO: Certified Pest Operator

Ok fair enough. But tell why your course? What makes it different than any other online course? I just want to get great training and be a certified Home inspector with the right knowledge.

Please understand that all im trying to do is get the right information about where to train, where/how to get state or nationally certified. I don’t care if it’s your school or someone elses school as long as i get the right training i need to do the job right. Consider me a newbie entering into the Home inspection field,i know nothing, i need your prefessional guidance, why is that so hard. Please don’t send me another link, just answer my question like a student asking a professor.

Nick can be frustrating to deal with sometimes (okay most of the time lately). He has been a continuous info commercial for the last year or so. So I will be glad to help you.
Most courses are free to members and some to nonmembers. To become a certified home inspector you will need to pass a list of courses online. Until you pass the general home inspection course you will not be asked to pay a membership fee. Myself, I would take all the free courses first before joining because it will be hard to take all the courses and start your home inspection business at the same time.
The best way I can explain it is by you going to this page
It is highly recommended that you take a two week course somewhere too. You can ask other inspectors who is the best home inspection course provider, I started out as a hands-on general contractor so I did not take a basic home inspection course.
If you need any help, just post your question. If it is general questions like you have been asking Nick, do not address it to Nick then other members will be more likely to answer your questions. Me and most other members will be glad to help.

Hey Nick Is Oregon AG. approved it yet? Thanks Mark N

It is approved for Home Inspector CE in Oregon, but not yet by the Dept of AG. It will be though. The will be hard to turn down. It’s just that good. :cool:

anything in the works for Texas (TREC) approval?

James, thanks so much for your response. it was very very helpful. I do currently have a fulltime career so i was looking for mainly online training to get me started. I don’t know if you read any of the blogs where i explained my back ground. I do have a little back ground in remodelng. i have grown up around a contruction based family. Even though i chose the Computer software field I still have worked with my dad and uncle part time (dad, retired construction / Uncle, general contractor). I know i still have to learn everything about inspections. But im willing to learn anything and everything i need to learn.

Thanks again, I appreciate it,
Jody M

I took the first test today just to see what i knew off the top of my head… It looks like a have a lot to learn, i scored a 72% but i will study and do better next time. Thanks everyone for all your help.

Does anyone know of or recommend any good books i could learn from?

Jody M

Go to the home page of this website

Scroll down to the bottom.

Click on the frame (picture). It will enlarge.

Study it.

Click your own refresh button to go to the next.

2500+ in all.

Totally free.

Open to non-members.

Thanks Nick,

I finally passed the Online Inspector Examination today with 80% - It’s time to move forward. Question, isn’t there a certificate i get? I know i got one with the Safety course. I received a Unique session code after the inspectors exam.