InterNACHI's General Counsel meeting with Ohio legislators regarding licensing.

InterNACHI’s General Counsel Mark Cohen is in Ohio all this week meeting with Ohio legislators regarding home inspector licensing. InterNACHI is seeking to have InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice adopted as InterNACHI is by far the largest inspection association in Ohio and the U.S.

The Master Inspector Certification Board is pushing to have all Certified Master Inspectors® grandfathered. The Master Inspector Certification Board’s Executive Director Nick Gromicko is also meeting with Governor John Kasich’s staff.

Ohio Rep Steven Arndt and Mark Cohen:

Thanks Nick and Mark hope thing go well thanks … Roy

Thanks Nick and Mark


Rep Dick Stein:

Rep Anthony Devitis:

Good luck.

From what I’ve heard there “may” be, and probably will be, a grandfathering clause added to the bill. There were 5 requirements all of which I don’t remember right now, and I if I remember right, an inspector will have to have met at least three of those to qualify for grandfathering. I’m pretty sure that meeting the current requirements of becoming a CMI would meet at least a couple of those requirements.

But until it’s in the bill, it’s hearsay.

I doubt they are going to allow the online continuing education and testing, but I could be wrong.

Of course Nick knows that IMO all home inspectors at a minimum should be required to pass a proctored exam.

And we have the best proctored exam, and the only valid one. The licensed state with the most licensed inspectors uses InterNACHI’s proctored exam for licensing.

Nick, any update on this??
Also, what have you heard about the grandfathering of current inspectors.

We are confident that CMIs will be grandfathered.

It is my educated guess that most CMI’s are grandfathers:D


Any update on HB211? Did it pass, fail or still limbo? Thank you

To who it may concern,
I saw that there is legislation proposed pertaining to the licensing of home inspectors in this state. I am against such legislation. First the state is meddling in my affairs again. Second this will create undo hardship on inspectors who do low volume inspections such as myself. I have a thorough knowledge of building construction and am quite versed in many aspects of it. Third by licensing you will drive up my costs which I will have to send on to the consumer. I do all the things that are in the proposed bill. I am insured, I do continuing education to maintain my skills.I have no felony or court actions in my record. I work for the consumer and I try to keep my costs down and this will increase costs for everyone. I already have a Radon testing license and the requirements for that are obscene. There are already ways to protect the consumer from bad inspectors. It is the court system.

Thank you Steven L Mathis
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Xenia, Ohio 45385