InterNACHi's General Counsel's Opinion on Sewer Scope Inspections in Florida.

InterNACHI® General Counsel’s Opinion on Florida Sewer Scope Decision - InterNACHI

Which of course has no official standing in the State of Florida. It is after all, just an opinion by an attorney. Unless the State of Florida accepts and rules his opinion is valid, it means nothing. No sense in getting excited about something until the State gives an official ruling in writing.

State agencies and licesing boards don’t get to make the rules. Legislators and courts do. And who is better in court than InterNACHI? Some state government attorney who went to community college? LOL. We have real attorneys.

Well your first statement isn’t quite true. Legislators make laws, they don’t make rules and regulations. The laws usually spell out the authority the different agencies have regarding how they proceed which usually includes things like the Standards of Practice, Ethics, and other daily operating functions for the industries they oversee.

Florida is similar to my state Washington. The different agencies oversee the “Administrative Code” by the authority granted by the Legislature.

Nick’s buddy Nathan is already going around on Facebook claiming any inspector that performs a sewer line scope is ripping off that customer. Something about he is going to release a marketing campaign against inspectors performing sewer scopes.

I may have to donate to Thornbury’s cause. :lol:

Home Inspecting should be non-destructive and end at the visible systems. Home inspectors are generalists… Scoping a sewer and interpreting the data is a highly specialized service far outside the scope of the Standards of Practice. Performing a sewer scope is also potentially destructive to sewer system access openings and could create problems if equipment becomes lodged in the system.

Here is another service (gimmick) I will never offer. :smiley:

Uh, it’s not a home inspection.

A home inspection is a type of inspection, just like mold or radon inspections are.

Pointing out that a sewer scope inspection is outside the SOP of a home inspection is like pointing out that a termite inspection is outside the SOP of mold assessor. Yeah, what’s your point?

Then it’s more than likely I don’t agree with Thornbury? :-k

Makes more sense to me. :lol:

Do you have a link to that? That would be a good comedic break!

What is his issue with it? I thought he offered a 90 Day Sewer Widget? Wouldn’t that just help to prevent claims?

Nathan doesn’t want us or anyone to do sewer scope inspections because he sells his Sewer Guard warranty.

Not the way Nick’s buddy Nathan sees it. Join the Facebook group Home Inspectors Network Uncensored, there are snipts of what the fart candle maker said there. Also, Thornberry announced that he proceeding with a lawsuit against the moderator of HINU today, which is in the Facebook group Inspector Alliance. The funny part is that the wannabe Trump has said worse about fellow NACHI members, and has even threaten individual inspectors’ livelyhood.