InterNACHI's inspector message board just got its 100,000th new thread start.

These 100,000 threads contain 1.3 million posts.

101,000 new thread starts.

102,000 new thread starts.

104,000 new thread starts.


It looks like we’re adding 1,000 totally new threads every 6 weeks.

And what was it?

106,000 threads and 1.4 million posts.





113,000th new thread start. 1.5 million+ individual posts.

What percentage are erroneous student posts?

114,000 new threads.

116,000 new threads.

My much less active board (used to be very active before facebook and such) has the following stats:

Threads 278,725 Posts 4,585,353

I have to think you had more. Did a lot of threads get archived or moved in an upgrade or software swap?


119,000 threads.