InterNACHI's Legal Department to provide members with slew of new benefits/services.

I’m pleased to announce that InterNACHI’s general counsel, Mark Cohen, will be coming onboard as a full-time staffer this Spring. InterNACHI will be releasing a variety of free legal, tax, and asset protection products/services for members. In preparation for his new full-time job at InterNACHI, Mark closed down his private law practice today.

Great I sat in on some of his teachings at the Toronto NACHI Convention .
He is good and explains things well .

The list is going to grow immensely in 2014!

That is awesome!

Nice benefit

I hope this includes reviewing inspection agreements. I have been looking for someone to do that.

And perhaps reports and narratives also.

We’ll have him 40 hours a week, so lets keep him busy.

Maybe a MB category of his own?
In the members only area.

Sounds great…free legal service, can’t beat that!

Very Cool! Good Job Nick! As a new but busy company I can definitely use this. Thanks

Good idea for general questions.

Awesome! Is there anyway to stop Nick form taking over the world.LOL

Absolutely awesome. No lie, a new inspector asked me what my secret was and I told him… InterNACHI. Thanks Nick

\:D/Outstanding!!! Good job Nick!!

Looking forward to it, as it is much needed for most of us. Thanks Nick.

InterNACHI is the place to be. Awesome! !!!

I can’t think of anything with more value and bang for the buck than my NACHI membership.

Thanks, Nick! I am eager to get the various programs up and running.

This service will be a valuable benefit for members.