InterNACHI's live, online Inspection Auction item #10: Antique grain grinder.

Antique grain grinder. No 1-1/2. 12" wheel.

Bid as often as you like, but each bid should be greater than the highest bid so far.

No buyer premium.

InterNACHI will pay the shipping.

The money goes to the charity of the winning bidder’s choice.

InterNACHI’s Inspector Auction works like a live auction. It ends when I can’t get any more bidding for a while. I’ll warn you with a “Going once” post. Then a second warning with a “Going twice” post.


Not very functional without cleaning it up and greasing it, but nice for display.

I have $10, do I hear $20?

Are you selling off your prepper supplies? :wink:

Anything we can. Do you have something you want us to auction? InterNACHI pays for the item, pays for the shipping, and then donates the winning bidder’s money to the charity of the winner’s choice.

I’ll go $20

I’ll offer $21

$25 it is

Does it move at all, or is it totally seized?

If seized… $26.00

If has movement… $30.00


$35.00 right here!

Dang I hate auctions, but I do like the items.

It moves, but I would say it is for display only. I wouldn’t use it to grind grain until the end of the Mayan calender on December 21st, when you won’t have any choice. :wink:

Allright, $40.50, and not a penny higher!

$40.50 going once…

$40.50 going twice…

SOLD to Steven.

thanks Nick! A great find… and for a worthy cause. :smiley:

“The money goes to the charity of the winning bidder’s choice…”

I’ve chosen

Donation made as per your instructions:

I thought I’d post a photo of the corn grinder I won a few months ago.
I took it all apart, sandblasted each piece, primed and painted each piece,
and then put it all back together again.
Works like a champ, and my wife “really likes it now”…
thanks again for a fun project,