InterNACHI's membership crossed the 30,000 mark for a while today. A first


Great news.

I’m happy for you Nick.

Dropping like flies?

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IMO… ever since Internachi instituted the monthly subscription memberships… every October or so, when the licensed states close off the ability to download annual CE’s… the part-timers drop their memberships until next year so they don’t have to pay for the rest of the year!

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Probably a big part of it. Would be interesting to see a graph of membership numbers/monthly going back 3 or 4 years to see it that is the case. I don’t know when NACHI instituted the monthly subscription option though. But either way it would be cool to see a graph.

The title of this thread gives a clue to this… “…crossed the 30,000 mark for a while today…”

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Kinda like my IRA and other investment accounts. They “crossed a certain mark” at one point but seem to be free-falling lately, lol.

We lost a lot of inspectors recently. We surveyed them. They didn’t just leave InterNACHI, they left the business altogether. That said, our share of the pie: Roughy 92% seems to hold steady regardless of the economy.


I’m sure it ebbs and flows quite a bit. Probably many start out and find that it isn’t what they want to do. The barriers to entry are low enough that a lot of people are willing to give it a shot.

It’s actually our exams. There is no sense in being a member of InterNACHI unless you get certified (become a CPI). Otherwise, you remain invisible. So why pay InterNACHI to NOT list you? Many can’t pass our exams. They seem to be able and willing to complete the courses, they just can’t pass the exams to get their certification. So they quit. Quitting is the correct course of action for them, IMHO.

These numbers seem skewed

Skewed in what way? So many in Florida?

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Arizona, CT and Delaware seem very low. FL is just wild. GA and CA are very similar.

Population mostly:
AZ, CT, and DE have 12 million people.
FL, GA, and CA have 72 million people.

But all the government agencies in FL use all InterNACHI for everything: That’s probably why we are so strong in FL.