InterNACHI's new, free $10,000.00 Honor Guarantee valid in all of Canada.

Another great, totally free InterNACHI membership benefit:

Great Nick! applicable also in Quebec?


Honour is the correct spelling in Canada! Other wise it’s a great idea.

Vern, I’m having it built now. Give me a day or two.

Done Vern. It auto recognizes if you are Canadian and adjusts the code accordingly. Bottom of Thanks.

Well heck Nick you don’t have to do that ! I think it’s silly having the different lingo to deal with .

No I think NICK did the correct thing . Courts are difficult at the best of Times ,why give them even a little information to challenge us on .

Excuse my candour here, I don’t mean to belabour the issue, but I have chequed my facts twice. I’ve also received a tonne of email on the subject. In my defence I must say that InterNACHI prides itself on being the centre of the inspection industry and in getting things right, and we did regarding this matter. The Canadian forum is my favourite because of the calibre of the posts made by my neighbours from up north. So do me a favour and find the humour in my behaviour regarding this dialogue.:wink:

Cute very nice not bad for a Southerner … Thanks Nick

Thanks Nick.

NACHI has increased its lead once again! This 10,000.00 Honour Guarantee valid in all Canada is just fantastic. That’s meat on the stick!
Makes me proud to be a member of the family!
Thank you! interNACHI.
Brossard, Beauchemin,Marc-Andre-

See, Marc knows how to spell it correctly. :cool: