International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Open for business

I’m proud to announce that the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors has been incorporated under the Societies Act of Alberta and will be the governing body for the association in Canada.
Ratification of bylaws and election of officers will take place at the Jan 21 2008 meeting to be held at the Ramada Inn
Current officers can be found at

Thats terrific, and admirable. Continued success to you and your members!


The organization is one month old today with only the bare bones of executive and bylaws required by the Societies act in place. The Jan 21 meeting will set the trend for the future. To help direct the future success we would like to have your proposals and recommendations that you would like to see as the foundation bylaws and the make up of the executive and board of directors. The kind of representation on the Board that will provide representation across Canada.
Also submissions of resolutions to present to the governments for recognition of InterNACHI. Your proposals will be presented to the members in attendance for ratification the Jan 21 meeting for implementation.

Great Glad for you and all on Canada .
Great start to a new future .

Congratulations Vern…!!!