International Comfort Unit

I need help with a International Comfort Products AC/Furnace, model number PGFO36KO80D, my PRESTON’S says 2004/2005?

THANKS for the help.


My Prestons says 1998-2000

got a coin Buck?



Thanks! I will use your coin.

Pardon my asking, but doent the year usually come from the serial number, not the model number.

I found it was always by Serial Number as well?

…but, as I recall, Preston’s is listed by model number. :wink: :smiley:

The reason why one needs both the Technical Reference Guide and the Preston’s Guide is because TRG has more background information and does things by serial number. What if you don’t have the serial number, though? Resort to PG which does things by model numbers.

Model numbers are no different than, say, car models. You can easily find out when the Cougar was made, or the Mustang, of the 442, or the Trans Am. Etc. And then, with the VIN (serial number), one can determine the exact build date.