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I’m in the middle of building/finishing my website. Actually, my wife is doing it, since this is her area of expertise. To make a long story short, I’m honoring a six month non-compete that ends in mid-July. From the time I was hired as a home inspector, until the time I left that company in December of 2019, I performed approximately 2,500 to 3,000 home inspections for my previous employer. I want to state on my website “Over 2,000+ inspections performed”, to make my potential clients feel confident in hiring me. I really have no way to prove this, other than w-2’s from the past five years stating I worked for a local home inspection company. My lawyer doesn’t think there’s really any problem with it unless it goes against home inspection industry ethics. I just want some opinions from other InterNACHI members, to see if they would state that on their business website.

If it’s true, why wouldn’t you state it?


If you are having second thoughts about the count, you could always say years of experience. This could prevent a pissing match if your estimate is ever proven wrong by your old employer.

I don’t see a problem. Promote yourself the best that you can.

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It’s certainly true, and I don’t have any problem stating it. I just wasn’t sure of how to go about providing proof of it, if I were ever to be called on it. I definitely want to avoid any type of pissing match from my former employer, for sure. They could possibly be the ones to try to call me on it, and say I never did near that amount of work. And my certainty of the number is really an underestimation. I’m not 100% sure of it, but I’d bet a whole paycheck from my current part time job, that I’ve performed around 3000 inspections between September of 2014 and December of 2019. I worked between 60-70 hours a week, Monday through Saturday. On average, 3 houses a day @ $45/house. That’s where my old w2’s would come in, to try to break down my annual earnings by dividing by $45. Crazy. I can’t believe I stayed for that long.

Did you provide reports??? Those numbers didn’t leave enough time in the day to write the reports.

Thanks for the opinions so far guys. I really appreciate it. I’m very confident in my ability to do this job, as I’ve plenty of experience. I’m also licensed as a radon specialist in Ohio, licensed for WDI in Ohio, licensed in OH and KY as a home inspector, IAC2 Certified for mild and air quality collection, and am doing course work for the FAA part 107 certificate to fly my drone for roofs and chimneys. Bad knees. I’ve just never run my own business. I’ve seen what to do and what not to do. It’s just small things like this, I’m unsure of, because they could end up being big mistakes if not done wisely. Thanks.

Yeah the software we used was quick. The company I used to work for was a franchise of a corporation, and they had in-house tach guys and their own software.

It was the “team” approach to home inspection. So I would do half a house, and the other inspector would do the other half. Not my thing, and it took five years to realize it. Too many differing opinions on the same job, too many jobs crammed into a day, not leaving enough time for adequate training to solve differing opinions. It was all about the money.

And I wasn’t making the money. And, I truly wanted to help people. I was kept out those 60-70 hours a week, away from my wife and daughter. Took a toll on my health and my family life. My business model is more relaxed, because it’s only me. No employees. My ultimate goal is to do one job a day. I know this industry is unpredictable, and that goal sounds like a pipe dream, but it is my goal. I have a lot of good connections around me, to try to make it happen.

There you go, I have 22,000 inspections plus by myself. You have 2000 half inspections per your description. Just say you performed inspections team concept. I wish i had the two inspector system but I could never trust anyone to be as thorough as I am.

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You’ve participated in 2-3000 Inspections, period. Post you’ve completed them and be proud of it. Great marketing piece.

I agree with what others have said. You did the inspections. There’s no reason not to promote your experience. Do it.

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Thanks everyone for the good words. I’ll tell the boss (my wife) to leave it on there. I agree with what everyone has said. I just wanted some other opinions. I’m really close to being ready. I open July 13th. Other than completing the construction of the website, I only have to set up my radon CRM rental account with the company that’s providing the machines, submit some paperwork to the Ohio department of health with the CRM info and my business info, update my insurance coverage, finish my Kentucky home inspection license renewal process (which only includes uploading my updated insurance coverage to their website), and take my FAA part 107 test. The test is the most difficult thing on my plate. I’m meeting another CMI for coffee Monday morning to go over my stuff. He’s going to give me a little help, by answering some of my questions about the local industry, and give me some pointers. I know the local industry from an inspector’s point of view, but not a business owner’s point of view. So, this meeting is important to me, and am really looking forward to it. He’s a good guy. I spoke with him the other day, and he let me know how much I’m “needed” in this area, as far as demand. I can’t wait for my non-compete to be over, and start inspecting again. I truly love this industry, and love helping people. Thanks again everyone.

One could say that about many inspectors in Florida, Texas, etc. with their typical 1,200 sf, SOG homes when compared to Minnesota, Michigan, etc. typical 2,300 sf, full basement homes!!

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Not referring to that.

He had help dining 2000 inspections with a service that completed the report for them. Therefore I consider that 1000 inspections performed.

DUH!! :roll_eyes: