Internet browser problem

I have not reinstalled Vista yet and was hoping someone would have a fix for me before I do that.

Dell laptop with Vista.
Connects to wireless network just fine but will not connect to the internet through that wireless connection. Windows says something is wrong with the IP address or router.

I have a wireless modem usb stick and that works just fine so its not just simply a corrupt browser.

As mentioned above, this is not a signal issue, it connects jjust fine to wireless signals, just want connect a browser to the actual intenet. On old PC’s, this type of problem was related to a corrupt “winsock” file usually.

I did an online chat with a Dell hardware guy, he had me check a lot of things said the hardware was responding ok and the warranty did not cover anything else.

The problem with this type of symptom is that the internet is polluted with 15 million similar problem discussions and 99.9999 percent have nothing to do with this particular symptom which is weird to say the least.

This has happened to me several times and the solutions is almost always to reboot the wireless router. I have dlink.

I can reboot it from my desktop and after a minute is is fine again.

If your wireless usb stick works then the problem is corrupt drivers. Go to device manager and uninstall the drivers for your wireless card. Reconnect with your wireless usb stick and download the latest drivers from Dell’s website for your wireless card (you’ll need your serial number under the laptop or the back of the machine).

Post this kind of stuff in the computer section and I’ll see it faster!

Ok, just got done with that…

I deleted the wlan driver and installed a new one (same version).

Still same weird problem…

I would have posted this in the computer section but it is limited to help from members only and many times non-members have good info too.

Did you reboot/reset your wireless router?

Does you computer detect your wireless network?

What model is the laptop?

model PP29L better known as a Inspiron 1525

See original post, nothing to do with wireless signal, that works fine and connects fine.

Weird problem, no internet once connected to the wireless.

Same exact symptoms as a bad wireless signal but not that.

I am not actually on my own wireless system now and have another pc here that works fine on the wifi here.

Any chance you have it turned off? Does F2 have a little “A” on it showing wireless signal? If you hold the FN key and hit F2 it’ll cycle the wireless on/off.

It has a switch on the right edge, not that type of problem, I can receive and connect to the wifi fine.

Check your pm for a link to connect to me.

I have a similar problem with my wife’s Dell laptop. At the same time my wireless Q1 will be fine.

Hers connects to the wireless router fine but has limited connectivity as in no internet capability only local. The only thing that has ever worked is to reset the router.

Sounds very similar to your problem. Just trying to help. Good luck.

The difference Mike is that he has a usb wireless stick that he can connect with on the same machine. So more than likely his wireless card is blown or it’s a driver issue.

Gotcha. My wife’s drove me nuts a number of times.

Here’s would show limited connectivity and not function until I reset the router or sometimes reboot her laptop.

It’s a prowireless in her laptop.

Good luck figuring it out

Dom logged into my pc and checked some things, tried it again, still same problem.

He gave me some ideas to try and I’ll report back tomorrow

Cool. Dom is the greatest but don’t tell him.:wink:

:shock: I won’t say a thing.

Internet connections are the hardest to diagnose via remote because you can disconnect yourself too easily and most fixes require reboots.

Bruce, let me know how it goes and I’ll let you know if I find anything else.

It started working for about 3 minutes. (yesterday it worked for about 2 minutes)

I went back and forth from usb modem to wireless to look for some clue to why it worked and can’t duplicate it. I made sure the usb process was closed too.

I think the wlan card has a problem, but dell does not so I’ll have to go around with them again.

I can take my time on this since I still have the usb modem and several other pcs.

Thanks for the remote troubleshooting Dom!
I’ll post any news I get later.

There’s an easy way to find out. Pick up a wireless usb card that connects to wireless networks (not cell) and see if it works. You can get them for around $20 now.

Your cell usb connection might be able to detect wireless connection (my one from Spring can) so check that first.

I’m having the same problem with one of my computers.

It seemed to start when my neighbor (who is a long long way from me) got wireless (I’m assuming). I’m high on a hill and pick up another signal.

I also have to reset the router and /or re-boot the computer. It works for a while, but then disconnects. The computer also switches to “Working off line”.

This may not be the same, but may be some things you may want to check.

“View available wireless networks”

I leave computers on all the time and often don’t come back from hibernation.

What screen do you get when the connection fails?