Internet Explorer 7 (Now released)

For those of you that were always having daily issues with the Internet Explorer browser, they now have a newly released version which supposedly has Faster and easier surfing with an integrated search. You can download the following versions…





Or simply stick with the best of browsers…


There’s negative feedback already (regarding IE7)

New IE7 is awesome. Though FTP protocol has some bugs. I dig tabbed browsing. Good job for once Microsoft

If you use quick books you cant use IE7 they are not compatable yet


It all depends on what version of Quickbooks you are using…

OK Thanks! i use 2005

What is the issue with Quickbooks & IE7? I’ve been using both for some time now with no problems.

After 25 years in the IS field, I never take software on its initial release. Just asking for trouble.

BTW: Microsoft is calling IE7 a beta test version, so if you mess up your computer putting it on, they have no liability.

So, we wait for microsoft to develop something thaty already exists in Modzilla.

Typical Microsoft.

I know what you mean there. I tryed their anti virus software when it first came out and got nailed with a virus the same day.

Will, I don’t think it’s beta anymore. I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and it works well though I don’t use it much. I’m still partial to FireFox. Here it the about info from the help menu in IE7

Microsoft support told me, yesterday, that it is still beta.

What the truth is, I have no idea.

The truth is that IE7 is out of the BETA stage. It’s been finalized.

And keep in mind that only those running Windows XP SP2 will be able to run the latest version of IE. This is Microsoft’s way of forcing non-Windows XP SP2 users to upgrade. Those still running Windows 2000, ME or even 98 SE will be forced to continue using IE 6 or commit to a Windows XP OS upgrade.

I downloaded it and love it. I use both IE7 and Mozilla.

Hi to all,

I have been running IE7 now for 2-3 weeks and have had no problems at all with it, including running some online applications. Like Dave I also have FireFox, but have effectively stopped using it as the IE7 has better functionality.



Mozilla has now released there new 2.0 Version of FireFox which CNET reviwed as even better than IE7.

I downloaded it today but have not installed it yet.

Firefox 2.0


Found another bug on IE7. I’m currently working on a project that uses X Standard editor that requires Active X to be installed on local machine for XHTML validation.

When using IE7 prompt fails. This may cause other wheezy-widgets not to work as they are relaying on the same sources.
As for firefox, it’s kicking my ***, because of lack of support for .net

Yes, that gets me every time too.

Well, the only solution there would be to drop .NET all together and use a real Web platform :slight_smile: