Internet Explorer 7

Hi to all,

I don’t often praise Microsoft, but I just down loaded IE7 and am very impressed with its fuctionality.

Love the tabbed browers and the proper full screen views, nice product.



It takes some getting used to, but I am toying with it and I like the same features you mention.

I got an email from one softwre company that indicated that the new download is causing comaptibility problems with their software and to wait for a newer version. I am not sure why that is (not a software guru) but just thought to include it as a general alert for people…

I have found a great deal of my software has conflicts with IE7. Quickbooks, for one, as well as some worm and spyware.

There is an old saying in IS. NEVER accept the first version of a new release. Too many bugs and unforseen complications.

Hope this helps;

That is because many applications use a browser based presentation. Quickbooks is one of them. So even though it doesn’t look like IE the functionality is there.

Basically the software is coded to work for a certain release of the browser (more likely a few versions but most functions are backwards compatible), so you can have problems when a new browser is used.


I would think it is a good thing that the worms and spyware are having conflicks with the IE7. :slight_smile:

There I go again, not making myself clear ;-).

What I meant to say was that my Anti Spyware and Anti worm software has a conflict.

Darn Picky Home Inspectors! :twisted:

Puh-leeeeeeze, IE is the buggiest piece of &#_#)(). Almost every other web browser is superior.

Strike that, every other web browser is superior.

and we are the ones who get slammed with “professional negligence”

Mozilla has used “tabbed” browsing for at least 4 years- it started with RedHat Linux 6 (imsc)
way to keep up MS-
If you want to know what MS will do next, just watch the UNIX\LINUX OS - MS will only be 4 years behind.

I don’t use IE because it has always been a poor program in my book, and I’m just the opposite of Gerry in that I rarely have anything bad to say about MS, possibly because I grew up with them back when we had MS Word for DOS 1.0, as well as other programs. When it comes to software, I’m not an early adopter by any stretch of the imagination, preferring to let others suffer the software headaches, at which time the software companies issue patches, fixes, and minor versions. After the bug notices have died down, then and only then will I upgrade.

With IE 7, too many of the software companies that make the software I use have warned against current incompatibilities with IE 7, specifically our local MLS which Jim and I rely on heavily. I can’t afford to lose MLS functionality on any of my computers.

I just continue to use Netscape. It has always worked, and continues to work. :smiley:

Microsoft cannot be on the cutting edge with IE anymore for exactly the reason Will and RR stated. Programmers heavily borrow from IE in their programming. When IE changes, there can be unintended consequences for many other programs that run on Windows. Mozilla, Netscape, and all of the others have the advantage that other programs do not borrow from them, so they can change whatever they want.

Microsoft has to make sure that when they make a change, the benefits are so great it overcomes the problems, (which I have yet to see with the new IE).

I use Mozilla

I too and also have been there and done that – After installing an up date and then having to reformat and re installing all aps and then all updates and all data. I have learned to let someone else that the lead

Thus I let others take it in the shorts when I have a good working system – If it is working do not mess with it until some one else takes it in the shorts

There is too much money and time on the table to take something on faith – If I had a computer that I could spare to test out IE - 7 - OK - but thank you Gerry for testing it out for us.


I put it in and was not Happy went to system Restore and back dated and wala it was gone . Lucky Happy Roy .
It keeps telling me I need it and I keep telling it NO F in way

I understand that MS has made the newest version of IE7 a mandatory download when you are using automatic update. So beware. If you don’t want to download IE7 turn off your auto update and do it manually so that you can pick and chose.

My auto update was busy downloading it the other day and I just happened to notice that a huge file was on the way and the estimated time of download was about three and a half hours ( God help those of us on dial-up!). So I was able to stop the process before any damage was done.

You’re right George. I caught mine just in time, too.

For those using Grassfrog and Roberta Dulay’s websites, there is, apparently some problems with IE 7 and website manipulations amd Roberta recommends not participating with Microsoft’s “work out the bugs” testing of IE 7.

I have auto update on but every month when it checks, it always asks me if I want to download/install it. I’ve always answered no.

Guys, guys,

While I have been using FireFox for at least two years, I did update to IE7 as it is needed to work with some sites that are not optimized for FireFox.
The IE7 download was about 14 Mb. It went without a hitch and the product works fine. MS has incorporated some of the best loved features of FireFox as I suspect they have had an eroding market share.:shock:

I still use FireFox 99% of the time as that is my preference. I never have cared much for IE.

I hope all of you are updating your windows programs on a regular basis. MS usually provides updates about once a month around the 10th. These are often critical updates to plug holes in the operating system, IE and Outlook that hackers exploit. If your not updating, you are vulnerable.:wink:

I was a beta tester for Explorer 4 back in 1997. It totally crashed my computer way back then.

Key word there, Gary, was “tester.” Brought you to the home inspection profession, huh?