Internet Explorer 7

Do any of the computer gurus know how to make IE7 keep the page text size at large.

Whenever I exit a program the text size reverts back to medium (which I keep changing back to large), because I have a hard time seeing, old age I guess…:shock:

Sorry Can not help you what I did was Dollar store and bought glasses just for the puter .
Cheaper then buying a new bigger moniter .
But Gee those new Moniters sure do look make things look good .
Have a good day of Food and rest . Roy Cooke

Hi Roy,

You can change the text size on your computer, and toss the glasses…:smiley:

The problem I’m having is the text size won’t stay “Larger” when I close the program and come back later, the size reverts back to “Medium”

In which I have a hard time seeing…](*,)

Maybe I’ll just remove IE7 …it was fine before I downloaded the new version…:twisted:

Bottom right hand corner…select Change Zoom Level to Custom and set it to around 115% or whatever you like. It should stay that way. If it doesn’t you may have to go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab and uncheck the Reset Text Size options at the top. Alternatively, you can also just Ctl+ and Ctl- to change zoom value temporarily.

I found that before Mike, it seems to increase the entire size of the page, including the text. Then everything is not visible.

Am I doing something wrong?

This problem might just be related to Yahoo for some reason.

Looking at the text here it’s fine.

Dale, you’re right I’m sure, that method I mentioned does zoom the whole page, not just the text.

Its kind of weird (as nick would say…:smiley: )

Changing the text size using the view option, the text stays “Large” until I exit the program. Come back, reverts to small again.

I don’t see an option to make default to the larger text.

Do you have the view button at the top left Mike?

Yes, but check the Tools/Internet Options/Advanced tab and uncheck the Reset Text Size options near the top under Accessibility. See if that makes the text size stay Larger or Largest.

Yeppper…that was the beast of burdon…thanks Mike, I was just getting ready to uninstall it…:smiley:

Good Deal!

Its better then that, Question ask and one of our great NACHI memebers can usally come through .
Thanks to all, No Place Like NACHI.
Roy Cooke

Now, those are words to live by! :smiley:

Hell yes.