Interpreter charge?

I was asked to do a home inspection for a couple of deaf people. I felt good and gave them the price we all agreed to. The realtor scheduled the interpreter and the inspection took a little longer through the interpreter but the inspection got done and everybody seemed happy. Today I get a bill for the interpreter. I do not ever recall agreeing to the interpreter price. Is this something that is required of me to pay? Anyone else run into this? The interpreter bill is 154.00 which takes a chunk out of the inspection price I charged.

Why would you pay if you didn’t agree to it?

If the realtor scheduled it without some type of agreement between you two, forward the bill to her/him.


Whomever hired the interpreter is liable to pay them. :slight_smile:

However, I find it curious that you “do not ever recall agreeing to the interpreter price”. :shock: It is not required of you to pay UNLESS you agreed to pay it.

If the realtor hired the interpreter, let him pay for the interpreter. :slight_smile:

P.S. Who sent you the bill?…Send it back to them as you did not agree to pay it….(if you actually didn’t.)

Who arranged for the interpreter do be there? Did you know anything about it before you arrived at the inspection?

You don’t need to pay it. Someone is on a fishing expedition.

Could be a simple mistake on the part of the interpreter on who they thought should be billed.
Obviously thats not you!

Let us know how this turns out.

Some businesses are required to provide interpreters or other means for effective communications under the ADA. I don’t think home inspectors fall under that category of business, but this could be why they sent you the bill.

I would direct them back to whomever engaged them.

So, the Interpreter was the Realtors spouse or sister?