Intrared Electrical Panel Inspection

Hi, do I have to open the electrical panel door in order to do an infrared inspection of the electrical panel? Can the camera basically see through the cover? Only serious replies please. Thanks.

I knock first :wink:

Please take some training on this subject, owning a flir1 or seek or for that matter a flir T640 camera doesn’t make you an IR professional. A few months ago (or more) I encountered an example report posted on a website of an “inspector” calling out what was clearly a reflection of his armpit as a overheated OCD. Get the training… and the equipment. :wink:

Get real, qualified, training - please. Call infraspection Institute



The answer to your question is … yes you need to remove covers. I see you are listed as a student inspector, please continue in your education to include infrared

I knew that wasn’t going to go well.

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I don’t think anyone came away with any scars.

To ask the question says you’re not ready to do IR