Intro to New Construction Inspections, NACHI Greater Tucson, Arizon Chapter, Aug 28.

I have personally met and spent time with Bob Kille and have extensively read his New Construction book. No doubt I came away better off for the experience and would recommend Bob’s book to anyone contemplating entering the New Construction market. I am very pleased that Bob is contributing his time to assist NACHI members, mark your calendars and don’t miss this event if at all possible.

I also purchased his book and use his reporting for new construction/ framing inspections and agree, the information is also helpful on new home warranty and re sale inspections.
Beware: For the code phobic guys it may be a little to much :smiley: :smiley:

AZ… NACHI country.

That’s the spirit! :smiley:

Although NACHI has only 176 members in AZ, AZ has a population of only 6 million which means we have a member for about every 35,000 people in AZ … a strong presence per capita.