How much?

Hey Taylor, Shoot me a message here and I can answer all your questions.

Why not post price on forum?

love this thing

1999.99 plus shipping and handling

The BIGCrawler is THE inspection tool out there

Part of our business is now building BIGCrawlers. Business is good.

Our newest builds are colorful. Built with your company colors.

Larger screen for better viewing

$2,149.99 plus shipping and handling and tax where applicable

Great for those tight 1930’s to 50’s post and beam where there is limited room but unfortunately doesn’t meet the State SOP requirements for most crawlspaces.

Designed for where you cannot fit. I have done several BIGCrawler only inspections and found 1000’s in damage that would have not been found otherwise.

Great Asset to have for my company!

Merry Christmas

I’ll take it! Thanks

Another great xmas gift

I’m interested. Merry Christmas.

Patrick Rightmier
Superior Quality Home Inspections
Rome, New York

Yes, Please - Happy Holidays!!! :):):slight_smile:

Merry Christmas from
Mark Newbury
Home Inspection Professionals LLC
Beloit Wisconsin

Yes please