Is this in the give away?

Yes Please
Merry Christmas all!
Manny Marinos
HomeGuard Home Inspections LLC

Is this a tease??

Start by reading the date on the original post. Everything that nick has posted in the past is not part of the christmas party!!!

original post 3/10/17, 7:02 PM

Merry Christmas
Count me in too!
Dan Lindeman
Tri-State Property Inspections
Cleveland TN

Tim Szakacs
16140 W130th street
Strongsville, Ohio 44136

Is this really a door prize? Santa must be real.

Merry Christmas and thank you

Chris Hill, CPI
White Lightning Home Inspections, LLC

Yes Please!

Hank Richter
Merry Christmas

Happy holidays

Trolls are throwing yall of the scent. lol

Wishing all my fellow inspectors a very Merry Christmas!
Charlie Parker
Checkmate Home Inspections
11997 White Oak Run
Conroe, Texas 77385
(281) 844-0803

Is there a little crawler or baby crawler? Asking for a friend.

Surprised to see this near the top, pretty funny. Used it today in this roomy crawlspace. Crawler tight access.jpg