Introduction DBPR / State Business recognition

Hello all,

My name is Rob Furloni and I wanted to introduce myself to some other Florida Inspectors. I am a fully certified new guy at this. I spent the last 12 years in the Army as both an Airborne Ranger and a Green Beret. A friend from my local church turned me onto this business (and InterNACHI) and I have been glued since.

With the exception of my mentor i have another friend locally in this business who I get tips from as well. Im confused at the moment as I am trying to have everything set up and ready to run morally and legally the moment I step out on my first inspection.

My LLC has been established with the Florida State Department (along with my DBA “Fictitious name”).
The articles of Organization are filed and everything is shown as Active.
I have my EIN and have set up a business bank account.
I have my Florida State Home Inspector’s license (and obviously am a CPI with InterNACHI)

…but Im stuck on something I can’t quite figure out. I was verbally told that I needed to send all of my paperwork to the DBPR (including Insurance etc) for the state to recognize my business. When I called over there I was given a lecture on what insurance was…but was otherwise told that my business was set. Does anyone have any further insight as to what Im talking about.

Thank you all for your help in advance.

It has been 30 years since I did mine But I think they are right and you are good to go if you are insured. You may have to register in the Counties you work? You may have to register with SunBiz but I am not sure.

Thank You for your service and best of luck to you in your new career. Feel free to contact me anytime if I can be of any help.

Hi Rob & THANKS for being a kick-*** Ranger.
If you were issued a license thru DBPR, they have already approved your insurance so I don’t know what someone else verbally told you.

Thanks for your service Rob, welcome aboard. Good luck!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. It turns out that it was a simple miscommunication and Im good to go as far as documentation with the state. Cheers guys.