Introduction to myself 😊

Hi… My name is Tanya and I will be starting these courses. Super excited. I’m open to any advice my fellow classmates might want to share. I hope you all have a blessed day :blush:

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Study, study, then when you think you have it all, study some more


Welcome to the forum, Tanya, Enjoy!!

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Welcome Tanya.

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Welcome!!..Happy Inspecting !!!

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All the best Tanya!

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Many more women are entering the home inspection field. You go girl! :grin:


Thank you!! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

I appreciate the advice…keep it coming :slight_smile:

Pssst…Get out before you spend a fortune.

Just kidding…LoL!

Happy inspecting!

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:joy: don’t scare me lol

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