Hello Everyone!

My name is Brandon Feltner. I have recently discovered InterNACHI and Nick is allowing me to try it out.

I am 35 and have spent my last 20 years working in & running a stone mill where we fabricated limestone for extremely high end residential. I left the business last year to look after our new born and mother in law after some health problems. Knowing I would eventually need to work I started searching for a new career path that I would enjoy, fit my style/experiences & offer some flexibility for the occasional caretaking needs. I found the inspection industry could fit the bill.

I met TREC’s education requirements & passed the state exam last November for a Professional Inspectors license. I have since set up my company, Ranger Home Inspection, PLLC & dove in with both feet on March 5th. MIL had a relapse, so after 2 weeks of getting that situated, I am back at it. I am excited, anxious, nervous and humbled.
InterNACHI appears to be a tremendous resources as well as you members!
I have completed around 20 free/practice inspections before licensing. Since licensing, 8 free, 6 tag along inspections with other inspectors & 1 (my first) paid inspection.

My business funding is on a tight budget & I am building as I go. (I do have 2 years of salary saved to live on that I refuse to dip into) I do have most tools minus thermal, report software, etc. Business is not new to me but this industry & business are. I have been meeting agents at open houses, handing out cards, follow up emails, visiting every office I can find, continuing my education via InterNACHI & keep on hustling…

Anyway, nice to meet everyone! As always, advice & criticism are welcome. It will used to grow, both personally & professionally.

Brandon Feltner
Ranger Home Inspection PLLC

Welcome Brandon. Great introduction! Good luck to you.

Thank you!
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